Outreach, Day Camps, and More!

Everyone at the CFDC has been running full tilt in order to keep up with all the busy days we have been having this summer. From tours to field days to our outreach programs it seems there is never a dull day!

Although museum tours and dig tours are always an important part of our museum, we have also kept busy with several groups coming through our escape room! To date, we have had many unsuccessful attempts to escape being locked in the Park Palaeontologist office. The poachers that locked people inside have been getting away with some valuable fossils! However, we have had two teams that have come quite close. 

On June 5th we had "The Focused Group" who asked for two clues. This was a group of talented women sleuths that were top on our list. They had made great strides in solving many clues and were almost half way through before their time was up! They had a great time and enjoyed all our museum had to offer! They were impressed at how interactive our museum is, from our new reality app, to the displays, our theatre, Gift Shop and Photo Booth! 

The other impressive group we had go through the escape room was "Team DT" on June 26th. They downplayed their prowess by mentioning they didn’t have much experience with Escape Rooms. They sure fooled us! No clues were asked for and had they had some more time, they would have been the first to escape! 

Besides tours and our escape room, another important part of the museum is our outreach programs. Outreach is a very important part of this museum because it lets people know what is happening here at the CFDC and allows us to interact with the community. 

One of our more recent outreach events was the Teddy Bear Picnic in Morden. It was a beautiful sunny day, with lots of children squealing with laughter, enjoying the activities and munching on cotton candy! The Morden Parent Child Resource Centre hosted a great event with a terrific turnout of visitors! Payam and Rowan greeted all our guests that came to check out our booth! They had an opportunity to meet many happy children that were interested in discovering fossils in our Dig Box and had fun with our Dino Bean Bag toss game, and learning about the fossils that we had on display! They shared our exciting news about the upcoming Dino Day camp, our new Augmented Reality App, our new Allosaurus Display, and our dig tours to name a few of the exciting things happening at CFDC! 

Another program that has recently started is our Dino Day Camp. Two of our staff, Corrina and Brooklyn, had a blast at Colert Beach on Canada Day telling people about the camp and all the things that it offers to kids. Camps run Monday to Friday until August 18, 2017 for kids ages 3-5 in the mornings and for kids ages 6-10 in the afternoons. So far, these camps have been a blast for our staff and for the kids that have come! For more information about Dino Day camps or to register visit our website by clicking here

We are also looking to the future for some exciting adventures coming up. On July 22nd, two of our summer staff will be attending Kids Fringe Fest in Winnipeg to hang out with the kids and give out information about the CFDC. We are also preparing for Shark Week which begins July 23rd. There will be a new exhibit dedicated to shark week as well as a bunch of fun facts around the museum. Then, on July 29th, we have a full day of activities to celebrate Bruce's birthday! The museum will be open from 10-5 with cake and activities beginning at noon. In the evening there is a karaoke social for those that are 18+ with lots of singing, art displays, raffle prizes, and a cash bar. Click here for more information on Bruce's birthday and here for more information on the Karaoke social. 

With so much going on this summer, and with such a great staff getting it done, it should continue to be a great year for the CFDC. We are always excited about the people that come through our doors and the new challenges that each day brings! 

Jillana Groening