Block Party Wrap Up

The Volunteers of CFDC had a great time visiting and meeting people of all ages at their display booth in the Kids Park during the Block Party on June 3, 2017!

During the block party there were many memories made for people as there was tons of really cool information being passed around. Information regarding our Summer Day Camp for ages 3-10 years of age, Facility Rentals for Birthday parties and other functions and events, rental of our Theater, and much more was passed out to many people in the community. 

New to our museum is a new Dinosaur Exhibit to see and learn about the differences between land dinosaurs and marine reptiles in the cretaceous.  The ½ day, 1, 2 & 5 day dig tours adventures, as well as self-guided and guided museum tours available throughout the summer for individuals, families, organizations, schools, groups of friends etc! 

Also new and exciting and very interactive is our new augmented reality App! The app enhances the visitor experience as they answer questions that appear on their phone app by reading the information and clues in the displays and exhibit’s to gain pieces of fossils to make Bruce the mosasaur! The Gift shop has great technological T-shirts and Posters than can be purchased so that once you have successfully completed your app adventure you can always have a visual 3D Bruce image display enhanced through these items!  

You may also be interested to learn that at CFDC adventure awaits when you call and book a visit to our Cretaceous Park, A Game of Bones: The Escape! This is an escape room set up for fun and adventure!  All of this information can be viewed in more detail on our website:

Thank you to all the visitors that made our day by stopping by and chatted with us, and had fun discovering fossils in our dig box; and a special thank you to two new volunteers that signed up that day to be a part of our team here at Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre! 

If you missed seeing us at this event; keep yourself updated by checking out our blog for when we will show up at the next event throughout the summer- coming to an event near you!