What's New at the CFDC?

Even if you have visited before, it's always worth checking out what's new at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. We've recently added a new exhibit to our collection, showcasing some of our more recent finds that have been kicking around in our collection room! In this display you can catch a glimpse of some Mosasaur vertebrae and ribs. There's also a chance to get a close look at some leg bones of a bird called Hesperornis, a flightless bird that swam with the marine reptiles in the Cretaceous era. There's also some Xiphactinus and Enchodus teeth, two fish that swam in the Western Interior Seaway. And last but definitely not least, there is a chunk of a squid pen, the only part of the squid to fossilize.

Aaron Kilmury, one of our field techs, has been hard at work on an extinction display that is sure to knock your socks off! This display has been revamped from an older display that had since been retired. Aaron has breathed new life into it, and we're hoping it will be on display for the public in July!

Here at the museum, we often get asked if we are still finding fossils in this area, and the answer is a strong yes! Field techs and volunteers alike have been hard at work on uncovering more mosasaur! This has been a great site for the CFDC, as it was found at the same site as our Xiphactinus from 2010. It always amazes me what can be found here in the Pembina Valley, right under our feet!

As usual, among the larger finds we still find several small fossils and micro-fossils at our dig sites. Typically we find remainders of fish vertebrae, or shell imprints left in the shale. This year, our goals are to find more shark teeth, and to find a more complete Hesperornis fossil! Fingers crossed that this is the year!

We've also got some big events coming up so get your calenders ready!

Kicking off the summer, you can find the CFDC crew at the Morden Beach Blast on July 1st! There'll be some information regarding Dino Day Camp there, as well as some face painting for the kids! Hope to see you there!

Next up is Bruce the Mosasaur's birthday party on July 26! Bruce is turning the ripe old age of 80 000 040 years old and to celebrate, the CFDC is throwing him a celebration. With regular admission to the museum, (Click here to view admissions) guests will have a chance to enjoy some birthday cake, as well as take advantage of the many activities staff will be running during the day.

Later in August is the CFDC's second annual Shark Week! Stop in to the museum to learn more about the ancient creatures that swam in Cretaceous Manitoba, and enjoy some of the activities that will be offered as well. If you have some kids who just can't get enough of sharks, sign them up for our Dino Day Camp version of Shark Week! Kids will have a chance to learn about sharks and have fun at the same time! Spots are limited so book early!

Hoping to see you soon!

Paige Ready
Museum Assistant