A Welcome To Summer Staff!

There are some new and familiar faces among the summer staff this season!

Returning to work as our field technicians are Eric Blaich and Aaron Kilmury. Each with a year of Field Tech experience under their belts, they have been a massive help in training new staff and volunteers and giving insight into new displays and exhibits.

New to the field tech team are Candace Le Sage and myself, Paige Ready. Candace is in her third year of studies in Geology and Anthropology at University of Manitoba. She feels that working at the museum is right up her alley, and will help her in her future career of archaeology.

I (Paige Ready) have just wrapped up my first year of Concurrent Education at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Although this job is a little outside my field of expertise, I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far, and I look forward to the next couple months.

Though he may be a familiar face, Matt Duda is new to the position of Museum Curator. Having worked at the CFDC as a field tech for 5 years, he was the best candidate for the position. Although its had its challenges, he feels that he has never been happier in a job.

We also have 2 Youth Program Coordinators joining us for the summer, one returning and one new face! Rebecca Pedneault is enjoying her second year with the CFDC, and is currently entering her 4th year of Bachelor of Science with a focus on botany at the University of Winnipeg. She's looking forward to the summer, and can't wait to work with the kids!

Maddy Jamieson is new to the position of Youth Coordinator, but feels right at home with it! She is heading back to Lakehead University for her second year, and feels that the summer job with the museum will help her with her future career as an elementary school teacher.

We also have several volunteers joining us, some returning and some who are new this season. These volunteers really are jacks of all trades and help the museum staff with everything. From cleaning displays, to actually going out into the field, they really can (and will) do it all!

All of these different faces can give you plenty of information and service at the CFDC, so feel free to stop by anytime this summer (between 10 and 5 of course)! And if you or your family is interested in volunteering, feel free to click this link for more information!

Hoping to see you soon!
Paige Ready
Museum Assistant