Quick Update

Quick update: there's some cool stuff happening this weekend! First, for the first time ever, the CFDC has a booth just west of the race track at the Morris Stampede from today until Sunday. If you're going to be there, swing by and enter our draw for a free fossil dig! Not only that, but you can pick up some award-winning barbecue right across the way from us.

The ugly fish on the left is a
Xiphactinus (not the shark).

Second, we're very pleased to announce the winner of Travel Manitoba's Name that Fossil Fish contest! Angela Gray won with her submission of the name "Stanley", after Stanley municipality (where our big Xiphactinus fish was found). Xiphactinus is the biggest kind of bony fish we find, which basically includes all our fish except for the sharks. Angela will receive a free Fossil Dig Adventure, and you can follow her on Twitter @littlegraybird.

Finally, Robyn Hanson from Think! Social Media in BC is coming to Manitoba for a month-long trip organized by Travel Manitoba. She'll be visiting the CFDC tomorrow for a Dig Tour, and we're very excited for her arrival! Robyn will blog about all her adventures, including her trip here, and they'll be available to read on her site http://www.bcrobyn.com/. You can also follow her on Twitter @BCRobyn.

Matt Remple
Field Tech


Robyn said…
Thank you so much for hosting me today! It was an honour to be able to join along on a fossil dig. Chelsea was fabulous, and I feel I have a whole new appreciation for aquatic reptiles, specifically mosasaurs and plesiosaurs. What a gem you guys have!
Curator said…
Thanks! It's always great having people who are happy to learn about our creatures and the fossils they left behind. Best of luck for your trip!