Bruce's Birthday!

Cretoxyrhina, our biggest shark,
attacking a small Clidastes mosasaur.
This Saturday (July 27), Bruce is turning 80 million and 39 years old! (80 million from the late Cretaceous and 39 since he was first discovered.) There'll be cake, kids activities, and free admission to the CFDC (!) all day, so be sure to drop by and see our new exhibits. Speaking of new exhibits, our Shark Week event (from August 12th to the 17th) is fast approaching and we're currently in the process of designing an exhibit to highlight both the fossil sharks that we find near Morden and some of the sharks that are famous worldwide, such as the Great White and Megalodon. Similar to Bruce's birthday, we're arranging for shark-themed activities and Shark Week broadcasts on the gallery TV. Sharks are among the rarer animals at the museum, and it's really neat that they're finally getting a chance to have their own exclusive section. It'll be temporary, though, so you'll need to come down during Shark Week to see our special displays.

Field Techs at the Stampede.
We had a booth at the Manitoba Stampede in Morris last Thursday to Sunday for the first time ever, which was neat. As part of our promotion, we had a draw for a free 1-Day Fossil Dig Tour, which we're happy to announce was won by Emma Randle of La Salle, MB! A 1-Day tour comprises a personalized tour of the gallery and, as a special bonus, the back collections room where we keep all the fossils that are currently not on display (there's some really sweet stuff in there, let me tell you), as well as part of the morning and an entire afternoon digging for fossils out in the field with the Field Techs. All Canadian fossils are Heritage objects and therefore automatically belong to the government (so they can't be kept), but there are other minerals like bentonite, jarosite, and the diamond-like selenite that are perfectly legal to take home. If you're interested in booking your own tour, call ahead at 204-822-3406 or email Trevor, the Customer Services Rep, at
Matt Remple
Field Tech