Just Another Day in the Sun...

This week was, unfortunately, a rainy week and most of our dig tours transformed into all-day museum tours. Still, we had a lot of fun playing games such as Dino Hunt and Dino Jeopardy. All of the kids were great sports and we even brought out our dig boxes from the back so that they could have some experience digging.

Matt's 1/2 day tour
 Matt had a half-day fossil adventure tour with a great family from Winnipeg. They found a Squalicorax (shark) tooth and a tibiotarsus (leg bone) from a bird, Hesperornis sp. Both were excellent finds despite the poor preservation and the group was excited to have the chance to find them.
Boyne/Pembina contact

    One of the days it didn’t rain, Lisa, Joey and I traveled out to about 7 different dig sites just to examine exposures and check out our sites. We hiked for a very long time and managed to get millions of mosquito bites. We went to the site where Bruce was found and another site where the Boyne member and the Pembina Shale contact was exposed (rock stuff). One of the sites had a large gulley where there was some wonderful strata (rock layers) exposed. Joey wanted a small strata  column from the middle of the gulley down to the little creek floor so I managed to climb up the ditch side and dig one down. Mostly I made the column  from sliding down the slippery shale, but it worked and it was an exciting adventure. While working on one of the exposures we did find a bone. It didn’t seem to be a fossil and so we didn’t collect it, but it was a very old bone from a rather large animal, possibly a cow or even a bison.
Showing off their fossil!
Miscellaneous Vertebra

Matt also had a dig tour this week that produced several fossils. Three young students in particular found some great fossils. One was fully exposed while one young lady started  working on uncovering her fossil (possibly a rib). Everyone had fun digging around in the dirt and soaking up the sun rays.

Uncovering her fossil!