Adventures in the Pembina

Lisa had her very first ½ day tour on Saturday and her groups had a great time digging around and finding minerals.

Monday was a relaxing day as Matt and Lisa went to one of our other properties. They found lots of fossils, including: a Hesperornis distal femur (leg bone), several fish jaw fragments with teeth in them, some fish vertebrae and a possible mosasaur caudal vertebra (tail bone). It was an exciting day for those two as they explored the Millwood shale and made their discoveries.

It was such a great site, actually, that Matt took his 2 day program  there on Tuesday. It was a father and son who went on this tour and they were the proud finders of many of the fish jaws and the fish vertebrae. The next day they changed up their sites and visited some other areas. Again, they had a great time digging and they even visited some of us who were at a research site. After that they experienced another side to palaeontology and headed to the lab to make molds and casts; an integral part of palaeontological replicas like Bruce!

Wednesday, we all spent the whole day exploring the Pembina Provincial Park. We decided to do some hiking and something different from just sitting down and digging. We hiked over a bunch of trails, were eaten alive by mosquitos, looked at really cool rocks and beautiful flowers and just generally had a great time talking about geology and the great sights in the park. We found some awesome little streams that were filled with nice, icy water that helped cool us off after the long hikes and we found some neat outcrops of rock to look at.

My first 1 day program occurred on Friday. I had 2 groups combined into 1 and they were so much fun. We headed out to one of our larger sites after lunch and settled down to dig. It wasn’t too long and one of the young girls started finding some fossils and concretions right away. Everyone was very patient and they were excited when they started finding jarosite and iron concretions. It was a great day.