Summer Fun is All Done!

      The Summer Fun Day Camp wrapped up the program for the summer this past Tuesday with a great group for the last session, making fossil jewelry! It has been a crazy, fun, exciting summer for the day camp, having more participants than ever before! We had so much fun this summer, every day the kids were so full of energy and enthusiasm for the crafts and activities we had planned. We would like to give an extra-big-Bruce-sized-thank-you to all the participants and their parents for being a part of the Summer Fun Program, we hope you all had as much fun as we did! A special thank you to our regular participants, Adam, Jill, Emily, Will, Emma, Ben, Naomi, Sydney, Mayah, Agape, just to name some! These kids always came to camp with a big smile and a great attitude; our staff got to know them and always looked forward to them coming! We also had a number of out of towner participants, Kaylene, Teryn, William, Joey, Vivian, Max, and Brody, came for a few days of camp for the second year in a row all the way from the Lockport area! We were super happy to see this awesome group return, and had tons of fun doing activities with them! And remember, the museum is open all winter, so feel free to stop by and say hi to Bruce and his friends!

Hope everyone had a great summer, and enjoy the school year!

Sacha Debreuil

Youth Program Coordinator