August 6, 2008
Today we had a special DIno Day Camp. A radio reporter CKMW broadcasted our afternoon. We had a excited group of kids ready to play. We started off with a Museum tour. All the children had many comments about everything on display. With our imaginations we turned into pirates of the late Cretaceous and explored the Western Interior Seaway. Our adventure lead us to Pterosaur nests, Stegasaurs, and even the evil Tiki Buhler Naka-naka. Our brave pirates found the clues which led to the lost treasure, their own flying Pterosaur. An excited bunch of kids crowded around the radio microphone and screamed with joy, all trying to get a turn for their own individual fame. Next the children made their very own Allosaurus tooth necklace with exotic beads. They all looked mystically beautiful. Then the kids grabbed a brush and headed for the dig box, each finding dinosaur bones hidden beneath the sand. After the dig they wound down by going back in time with the Magic School Bus. Today was a wonderful adventure for all.

Jolene Kozak