Hi, It's me Nahla. It's my turn now to write this blog and share our experience and story here in Morden District Museum or Canadian Fossil Discovery Center. It's like the best work placement ever during this youth program! The place that we learn about something new which is totally enrich our life experience. Learning how to dig fossils, make field jacket, doing some project about children's tour, making the 'Shark Attacks' as new exhibition, clean the museum are the best moments of our here for the last two months.

Anyway, next Friday on November 23rd is gonna be the last day of us to volunteering here. I personally really sad because I don't wanna leave this place. We have a lot of fun here that we can't find in another place. We had the chance to make a replica fossils like mosasaur's tooth and dinosaur's baby as our souvenir. I feel very lucky to be involved in all the activity here in museum.

We are also have to finished another projects like database and building exhibition. Hopefully we can finish all of that stuff before November 23rd.

Okay, that's all for now. Hope you guys have good day.