Great Museum!'s me Mey. On Saturday October 27th , there was pumpkin carving here at the Museum. Everybody brought their own pumpkins and we carved them together. It was so.... much fun! In Indonesia we don't celebrate Halloween and so I have never done pumpkin carving, or trick or treating. Last week we went out to the field and Nahla and I helped Dave and Paul dig out and make a field jacket, which was fun.

Tuesday October 30th , a school group came to visit the museum. They are from Hutterite Colony. We entertained the children, played games with them and helped them do the dino hunt around the museum. Then in the afternoon we moved a whole bunch of stuff around the collection room and Adam was very tired. We finished the day by cleaning up the museum.

Today Yvonne taught us how to make necklaces and they turned out very beautiful. Paul gave us keychains that are very nice, thank you Paul & Yvonne! We also helped Yvonnne straighten out the stock of the gift shop. Anyway, we do enjoy our day here as volunteer!

That's all for now.
Big hug,