Hello friends!

Hello, I'm Merlyanda Puspa Indah (Mey) and i am from Bangka Belitung Island, Indonesia.

I'm one of the participants in the Indonesia-Canada World Youth Program. I have been in Canada for almost a month and i really like it! Canada is beautiful country and I have never seen snow before and i am very excited! I like Morden a lot becasuse Morden is a cool town and the people here are very friendly. I also really like all the flowers that are all over town.

Like Adam and Pierre, and Nahla who you will be hearing from soon, I am also a volunteer at the Morden Fossil museum. I like the museum because I enjoy the fossils, and i am learning many new skills at the musuem. I'm learning alot about the Mosasaurus and the other creatures that lived with it. We have done many activities at the museum such as making baby dinosaurs from plaster, cleaning the museum together, and have even begun to make a new display for the museum. We cut some pieces of styrafoam, sprey painted it, and then we glue sand on to it. It is goimg to look very cool! We also have gone out looking for fossils and we will do this every thursday.

I am trying my best to learn English so i will write a new blog soon, and maybe even without help! haha See you soon!

-Love Mey