Montana - Day 4

Back to the Triceratops site for some more. The day was off to a great start. Two of our participants located several new ribs going back into the wall. The interesting part was the ribs are located on a fault and we could see where they had shifted from.

A crocodile tooth was the highlight of the day for me. Its the closest thing to marine fossils here in Jordan, how could I not be excited. The tooth was only a centimetre in length but the preservation was very nice. That was the first fossil crocodile tooth I'd ever held in my hand.

The day was broken up by looking at some of the geology at North(Long) Point. The view was amazing and included the Fort Union Formation (Paleocene sandstone), the Hell Creek Formation (Cretaceous mudstone) and the Fox Hills Formation (Cretaceous sandstone). Lots of pictures of the trip have been taken and will be posted on the CFDC website

Today was one of the longer field days we've put in. We came in for a quick dinner and then headed back out to begin work on a Torosaurus we'll be bringing back to base camp tomorrow evening. We made a great start and should have it transported back by late evening.