Montana - Day 5

WOW!!!!! What an eventful day! I'm not even sure where I should begin. We had a history lesson this morning visiting 3 quarries previously excavated 102 years ago by renowned paleontologist, Barnum Brown.

Out of the 3 quarries an original rock hammer was found now currently in the Garfield County Museum. The third quarry we visited is the type locality for Tyrannosaurus rex. It was neat to see the original pictures of them transporting the field jackets on horse drawn wagons and then to stand right there at the same spot.

We headed back to base camp for a short break until dinner. The evening ahead of us was going to be a challenge. The objective was to load the Torosaurus onto a flat bed from a 10 foot high bank where it was discovered.

I don't know where to begin. Wood was breaking, the jacket was sliding, the truck jumped its blocks and eventually the engine had flames twice. Needless to say we pulled together as an awesome crew and eventually winched the 800 pound jacket onto tires. At this point it was too dark and we couldn't strap it to bring it into town. That joyful task of unloading will be saved for another day.