Corn and Apple

This week we've been doing some major cleaning for corn and apple... not for actual real corn and apples, but our annual Morden festival, Corn and Apple!

Corn and Apple festival is a time where the community celebrates Morden by running a three day fair. People from all over the place come to see the spectacle and for our free corn and apple cider. So all of this means that we're going to have LOTS of company!

We've been dusting every nook and cram, windexing every glass surface, and vacuuming every single dust particle. Also, we finally got the text panels for Bruce's room setup just in time for corn and apple. They look great! On the panels are cool pictures and a detail description of the two specimens that are in that room.

Including making the museum spick and span we prepared a gift shop downtown. The gift shop is located on Stephen street, next to John's Bakery. I had the privilege to design a window painting for the gift shop. I painted a huge elasmosaur that stretches its neck across the window and on the bottom of the window sill I painted corals and sea weed. So when your in line waiting for your cob, please check out my Di Vinci work!

But I better wrap up this blog, the museum opens in a few minutes, and I can already hear the corn and apple crowd coming!