Action movie!

Just like a ticking time bomb in a fast pace action movie, the fossil crew has 2 weeks left to find an elasmosaur! And like an intense action movie, the fossil crew braved the extreme heat and dangerous terrain last week to uncover ancient treasure! Okay, I am not proclaiming myself as Indiana Jones or anything, but last week was indeed action packed!

We karate chopped the start of the week with two paleo tours. The first paleo tour group found a mosasaur vertebrae, which is very well preserved. It is hard like a diamond and just as precious. The second group actually did collect diamonds! Pembina diamonds that is! Pembina diamonds are selenite rocks that grow naturally in the shale. Unfortunately, they aren't real diamonds, otherwise I would be a millionaire!

At the end of the week the fossil crew went back to the CFDC site with a volunteer, Dave Simpson, to work on the fish specimen. Dave is like the reinforcements the good guys send in a movie when the good guys need help. And help is exactly what Dave did. He helped us find two large fish vertebrae and something we haven't seen before at that dig site, a Hesperonis bone!! This find was the extra boost we needed. The fossil is about 5 cm long and in good condition. Who needs the wish list, when we have Dave? The fossil crew will continue to excavate in the area in hopes of finding more hesperonis bones!

So will this action packed movie have a happy ending? Will the fossil crew find a huge specimen before the summer is up? And will the recently recovered hesperonis bone lead to the very first complete hesperonis the museum has ever seen? Stay tuned to find out.