Montana - Day 2

Things were off to a great start this morning. The weather was nice and cool with a great breeze. You could barely feel the heat. However it did reach 42 C and we were a bit tuckered towards the end of the day.

We began prospecting at a different site, just west of the one yesterday and within minutes our rookie participant discovered the remains of a soft shelled turtle. " I just thought it looked interesting by its texture but never thought it would be something" remarked Jennifer Cassils after excavating through hard siltstone.

After much deliberation, it's suggested that the turtle belongs to the genus Trionyx from the Hell Creek Formation, approximately 65 million years old.

Our paleo student, Chris West worked on his very first field jacket today. He helped the group to jacket a frill from a Triceratops. Way to go!

I don't know what we'll be doing tomorrow but I'm sure it'll be exciting.