Monsters of the Deep RULES!

This week I finally got a chance to check out the monsters of the deep exhibit at the forks. As I walked into the exhibit, I was completely stunned to see a gigantic Elasmosaur with its neck wrapped around the entire room. Its head was literally 1 foot away from my face. For a split second I thought I was in Jurassic park! That wasn't the only cool thing there...

Next to the Elasmosaur was a 15ft long Xiphactinus, with its mouth wide open. It's really neat because you can look at every angle of the fish.

My favorite part is the death scene! Along the wall, the CFDC worked really hard in creating a display, showing a group of sharks viscously attacking a Mosasaur. What made it really cool was fossils along the floor, making it look like the sharks had tasty mosasaur meal for supper. One rib piece actually had a shark tooth stuck in it. I can't wait until the display goes into our museum!

The second room was devoted to sharks and fossils. It was really interesting reading all the text about sharks and watching the mosasaur DVD. It looked the kids really enjoyed the room too, playing with our microscope and constructing a stegosaurus.

So next time your at the forks, drop your fried mars bars, and check out the exhibit!!