Luck be a FOSSIL tonight!

For the last few days, there has been a dry spell of fossils. Until wednesday, July 22, the "fossils gods" smiled upon me.

A day before the luckiest day of my life, Anita, Yvonne, Conor, and I went surface collecting on our new property. As we were searching, Anita told us how Joe Brown, a volunteer, was walking along the shale and randomly found a shark tooth! Shark backbones are very rare to find, let alone a shark tooth! However, Joe Brown is one lucky guy, he's the same guy that found Betsy and Monty! He makes it look so effortless too. With that story in mind, we were all determined to find our very own tooth.

As I was walking along the shale, thinking "where would Joe Brown look?", I hear Anita yell "I FOUND A FOOOSSSILLL!!". We all quickly ran to see what she found. Sure enough she found a tooth! It was a mosasaur tooth, with a high degree of preservation. But it was not just any other mosasaur tooth, it was a pteragoid tooth. Pteragoid teeth are teeth that run along the roof of a mosasaurs mouth. Man, Anita sure has talent! But was this the end of my luck? Would I ever find my own tooth too?

The next day July 22, Evan, Stephanie, Daesha, and I went back to the dig site to look for more fossils. More determined than ever, I said to Stephanie before we started to look, "I am going to find me a shark tooth!". So we began. First ten minutes, nothing. We walked, and walked. Then, something caught my eye. It was small, had a pointed end, and looked like a tooth! I called, "EVVANNN". He came running over and YES it was a tooth! I was so elated! Then, 2 minutes later I found a small SHARK backbone. About 30 seconds after that one, I found another tooth. But this time, the tooth was a SHARK TOOTH!! Finally, my very first shark tooth! In the end, I found 4 teeth and a shark backbone within ten minutes! That was the most luck I ever had in my entire life! I felt so lucky, I actually bought a lottery ticket that day. I am going to keep my fingers crossed!

Also, this week we were lucky enough to receive a giant t-rex from the Elm Creek School. His name is Rexy. So hopefully Rexy will bring some more luck to our museum!