The Heat Is On

The forecast calls for heat, heat, and more heat! Yes, it is true, the fossil crew braved the extreme hot weather last week. Every single day of the blazing heat wave, the fossil crew was in search for fossils.

Last week, monday, was a one day excursion. Thankfully, Evan took time the night before to haul a 200 pound battery and solar panel up to our dig site. This allowed us to hook up an electrical fan and provide little refuge from the 40 plus weather. Despite the heat, the group left with a smile and had a great time!

The next day, tuesday, was a paleo tour. This time I was responsible for taking the group out. At first I was skeptical about the 33 plus weather, with 100% humidity, making it feel well over 40. But we made the best of it. No, we didn't cook eggs on the sidewalk, instead the group opted for a tour of the Manitoban escarpment. So I showed them Spencer's ditch and Mt.Nebo, and we even managed to fit a little bit of digging time. So far 2 points for the CDFC and 0 points for the heat!

Last wednesday was recorded to be one of the hottest days in manitoba, with the humidity making it feel 50 plus! Again, this did not stop the fossil crew. But more accurately put, this did not stop Dave Lumgair. Dave Lumgair is the person who discovered Bruce on his farm yard in 1974. He is now retired and still invites the CFDC to his property to find more fossils. So this is what we did, we went to his farm to try to find a new mosasaur. Instead we found the brink of heat exhaustion! As we were panting, faces red, and trying to climb up the hills, there was Dave, with a smile as he effortlessly hiked up all the hills. I couldn't not believe it! Dave appeared like he was not affected at all by the heat. At the end of the day, as we were all hanging by a thread, Dave was still enthusiastic, ready to explore more of his farm! It was incredible to see how much endurance he has!

At the end of wednesday, it finally rained. The rain replenished the land as it also replenished our spirits. This week really showed our resilience and our dedication to our field work. So whether its rain, shine, or heat wave, we'll be out there looking for fossils!