The Latest Buzz

With Dino Day Camps, Paleo Tours, and 2 Day Excursions all starting this week, we've been busy bees. Maybe that’s why our fossil crew t-shirts are yellow and black? However, its has been a great start to our summer programs, so let me fill you in on all the "buzz"!

We had our first dino day camp participant. I sat there envious as they played gastrolith monster, herbivore and carnivore food quest, and my favorite, pirates of the cretaceous. Since this student had so much fun, he decided to join the paleo pop-in that same day. Days like this makes me wish I was a 1st grader again, so I can make my very own gastrolith shaker.

Also, this week we had our first two paleo tours. Although it was scorching out, it didn’t stop the participants to find really awesome fossils. One group worked on a potential specimen that was found last week, while the other group found surface fragments. On one of the paleo tours, I was elated to find my first Mosasaur tooth. Now all I need to find is a Plesiosaur with an ammonite in its belly.

Evan has been busy too, conducting 2 day excursions. There are two of them this week. So Evan and his group will have their hands full with field jacketing, working on specimens, and adding new fossils to our collection

If this week reflects what the summer has in store, then its going be one exciting summer!