That’s a Wrap!

The fossil crew and I have reached the climax of the school tours, with three school digs back to back this week. Once we complete those tours, it’s fossil hunting time for the fossil crew! However, there are a few things that I will miss about the school tours. I will miss all the great questions, like “Do Mosasaurs eat humans??” and the classic, “is that real??”. For the kids that were scared of the life-like paleontologist, it’s okay, she scares me too!

I will also miss the fan mail! This year I received a huge poster with lots of shiny dino stickers from the Elm Creek School. It’s great. Unfortunately, no jingles about how awesome of a tour guide I am and I think the schools also missed my request for baked goods this year! I am just kidding! I am very grateful for any sort of fan mail, it always makes my week.

Thanks again to all the schools that participated in our summer programs this year. This has been one of our busiest and most successful years. When I saw the June calendar showing all the school tours for that month, I nearly had cardiac arrest! However, the fossil crew and I manage to complete the tours with impeccable ease, considering we recruited two new members into the fossil crew. Great job Stephanie and Daesha!

Thanks again schools for making June so much fun

Ps- I am still accepting baked goods.