Sticky Stuff

There is only so much one can do in a day and sadly our replicas have suffered. BUT NOT ANYMORE. Time and effort have been put into replicating some of our nicer fossil specimens for displays. Over the past month the CFDC has been very fortunate to have obtained a couple of volunteers with experience and knowledge of molding, casting and painting.
Last week we constructed a new mold of a mosasaur pelvic girdle (hips and flippers) and let me tell you it was sticky. Both of us would prefer to use other materials but this product has the best effect and its soft enough not to harm the fossils. Today we applied a support jacket to the outside of the sticky mold and can hardly wait to see how it'll turn out. In the image above you can see a mold for a mosasaur skull currently on display.
Once the molds have been completed casts will be poured and handed over to another volunteer for painting. Alas a replica is born. Currently the volunteers are working on a display for the South Central Regional Library in Morden and things are looking great! Thanks for all the hard work.