Geology Survey

Recently, the CFDC staff and volunteers, along with our geologist, conducted a preliminary elevation survey of the newly owned CFDC property southwest of the Town of Miami. The overall objective is to create an elevation baseline through the property and begin to tie in the digsites to the baseline. This will provide a more precise elevation reading and provide insight to the specific levels the fossils are being recovered from.


Anonymous said…

Very interesting stuff that you do. I am curious about what the escarpments actually look like and where they are in relation to Morden itself. Are they in the museum area? What does the topography look like there?
Curator said…
The Manitoba Escarpment looks like a large hill when you drive up it and then plateaus off. The escarpment runs North West and is adjacent to the Town of Morden. I'll post some images in an upcoming blog for everyone to see.