Corn and Apple Festival

Well, as you can see in the pic, the CFDC had it own booth at the Corn 'n Apple Festival in Morden. Although not much of our gift shop stock was sold, we were very successful in being an information centre directing the curious public to the museum for a visit. A new booth will be made next year with some great jazzy paleo stuff to draw people to it.

Our newly redesigned Bruce Gallery, with great new images and murals plus sound effects, was open for the occasion. Actually, a lot of children were really scared with the sounds and so we had to turn the volume down! What a great weekend! In fact, we had more than 500 visitors to our museum over the three day festival, this is about three times more than usual.

Great job all those Board Members, staff and volunteers concerned. Let's do it all again next year. That's all for now.

Dave Wilkinson