School Digs

Our popular "School Digs" program is off to a great start this season. Students participate in actual digs for the museum. They are supplied with a brush and a list of items that could possibly be found at the dig site.

Individuals often ask if we plant fossils for the students... the answer is no. Everything that is found is genuine. We know fossils have been found there in the past and there's always hope we'll find more.

The students act as museum staff for the day helping us locate new specimens to add to our collection. This past week has been awesome! On Monday, one class discovered parts of a plesiosaur and on Tuesday, a class found part of a mosasaur's lower jaw. We're heading out today with another class. I'll keep you posted if anything else turns up. Keep in mind both of these finds are from the same dig site.

We'll have to wait until the end of the week to find out which class is our Paleo Star of the Week. You can see the "Paleo Star of the Week" on our web page under programs and tours. Good luck to all!