Everything is Happening!

The CFDC has been packed these past few weeks with many people coming through our doors. People are coming from all over in order to experience the amazing displays and see the new additions to the museum. We have been enjoying the new "underwater experience" of the museum with the new ocean sounds playing in the galleries. We have also been busy with many events that have been going on!

July 23-30 was shark week for the CFDC. To celebrate this FIN-tastic creature, we had an exhibit dedicated to shark facts and information about different types of sharks throughout the ages. Many people came to see these exhibits as well as contributed to shark week by completing a shark colouring page! Those exhibits have been taken down for the time being, but if you missed it, you may get to see them again next year!

We also had a fantastic time celebrating Bruce's birthday on July 29th. We had a really good turnout of families that came to enjoy the festivities! We sang for our birthday boy, ate some delicious birthday cake, took some swings at a piƱata, and played some really fun games! It was so good to see the smiling faces around the museum and get to experience this special day with such a great community. In the evening we had a fantastic turnout for our karaoke social. The guests enjoyed a great time of singing, food, and prizes. We got to see some of our own staff take the stage as well as many visitors!

In fossils news, the field technicians have been working hard at several different sites excavating fossils. Recently, we made our first field jacket of the season that contains several pieces of a mosasaur. This was discovered at one of our newest field sites that we are in the process of exploring. The jacket itself is quite small, but we are hoping to find more mosasaur fossils in the same area as we continue exploring.

We are looking forward to other events going on later in the summer including the continuation of our fossil dig tours, museum tours, and dino day camps. We have also begun planning for the CFDC's contribution to the corn and apple festival that is being held in Morden from August 25-27. We are excited about our part in the parade, the booth we will have set up, and the tours we will have going on. Stay tuned to the CFDC Facebook page and website to be kept up to date with everything that will happening at the CFDC that weekend!

This has been an incredible summer and we are looking forward to the remaining weeks of warmth as well as the many adventures we are still yet to have.

Jillana Groening
Field Technician