Media Release Week!

This week has been a great one so far! Monday was very exciting as we had our media release hit the news. Tuesday was super busy as the phones were ringing off the hook and everyone was busy taking pictures and videos. We have been digging at the site where the large Xiphactinus and mosasaur remains were discovered last year. The skull of the Xiphactinus, a giant, predatory fish, was excavated successfully in 2010 and is currently on display. The mosasaur skull was also excavated excavated in 2010, but is still currently being prepared in the fossil lab. We are hoping this field season to uncover the rest of the mosasaur and fish skeletons, but have had to stop excavation. Of course, we have been stopped in the best possible way. We keep finding more fossils! We have found another mosasaur (a different one as it is in a different layer), a squid, some bird remains and other unidentifiable fossils that we are still researching! So, we’re not upset about the delay! Above the mosasaur that we are hoping to uncover, we have been finding a microfossil layer that has an abundance of tiny fish vertebrae and teeth. Those are interesting to dig up!

I had one tour on Tuesday that went very well, but the rest of my week was really fun as I designed and worked on some exhibits with the curator. The new Xiphactinus display is finally complete, so you should come on down to see it! Our other exhibits are coming along and soon we should have about 3 new ones.

Matt and Lisa had a fun tour on Friday with a great group. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot outside and they managed to dig all afternoon!