Its August 31st and it has come to the time for me to say good bye!

If I has to use two words to describe my time here at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, it would be ADVENTURE and FUN! Please let me elaborate..

Adventure is the perfect word to describe my summer job. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of finding my own prehistoric lizard! My back pack would be crammed with books and books related to these gigantic beasts. Now, by working at the CFDC, I finally got to live out my childhood dream. For once the books about dinosaurs have now been replaced with fossil excursion supplies! Everyday I get to hike through beautiful vistas, explore new dig sites, and most importantly find fossils! Thank you Dave and Anita for giving me this opportunity.

Fun is the second word I would choose because this is exactly what I experienced! I owe this to the summer staff. I got to work with eight of the coolest people! Here are few words that only us fossil crew members will know:

The Cobra
Rubik's Cube
Slushie and Bike
Big Brother Updates
Wedding Updates
Food Critics

Also, the volunteers played a major role to the overall fun! They were great company. Each volunteer managed to put a smile on our faces. I would like to also say thank you to the volunteers for being my number one blogger fans! You guys have kept me motivated every week to keep making the blogs entertaining. And I am sorry Paul we couldn't find your plesiosaur!

There you have it! From reading my blogs you have seen my perspective on what working at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre was like. Thank you once agian to Anita, for letting me write these blogs every week!

I hope those of you who read my blogs can come down to the museum and experience these two words as well, fun and adventure!

-Kod a.k.a The Insider