Busy week

Foremost, I apologize for the short length of this blog. I got into a bit of a biking accident, and it has limited my ability to write a lengthy blog! So kids, the next time your biking, always bike with two hands and remember that a slushie is not more important than your elbow! I kinda learned that the hard way.

Other than my fiasco with the bike, this has been a quiet but busy week. Corinne was gone all week, enjoying her wedding holiday! Congrats Corinne! So when she comes back, we will all have to call her Mrs. Bueckert now! Also, Anita has been gone all week too in Montana, taking part on the student exchange. By the sounds of the Montana blogs, it seems like shes been finding lots of fossils. With those two gone, it sure has been quiet in our museum. However, we had our hands full with programs.

This week we had several days doubled booked with paleo tours, and Ryan almost had Dino Day camps every single day of this week as well. Most of the paleo tour groups worked on the fish site at our new property. Lately there have been larger fossils surfacing next to the fish, right under a layer of jarosite. Those fossils are currently unidentifiable, but hopefully with the help of our summer program participants we will be able to find more fossils and identify it. Perhaps it's a Plesiosaur with an ammonite in its belly?

In the end, it was quite a busy and fun week. But we can't wait until Corinne and Anita gets back, and I can't wait until I can jump on my bike again!