Spring's Here, Right?

So I know it's been way over a month since my last blog and its horrible of me, but wait until you hear what we've been up to.

Summer grant applications have been submitted for summer staff to include Youth Program Co-ordinators, Interpretive Guides and a Field Technician. The summer staff will be responsible for the public programs.

In 2007 we will have 3 youth programs, Dino Day Camp, Paleo Pop-in and Mad Science. We're very excited about the new programs and hope it will encourage students to take part in science.

Summer staff will also provide tours for the general public both at the museum and at the dig sites. We're offering both 2 & 1 Day Excursions, Paleo Tours (1/2 day family digs) and School Digs.

So after filling out all the applications, the sun began to shine and the temperature was getting warmer. I even switched to sandals. It was great. I was so excited for the field season, I mean it's less than a month away. We started to prep the van and did an inventory our field supplies. But this last week seemed to be in reverse. We had snow and below 20 degrees Celsius.

Let's hope after Easter things will be brighter and warmer. I'll keep you posted on how the sites fared after the winter.