Meet the Field Techs of 2017

Note, material in this post may be exaggerated for comedic value.

This year’s team of field technicians is quite unique. We come from various backgrounds and are studying in a variety of areas. This has created a very unique dynamic among the “field monkeys” for 2017.

To begin, we have our fearless leader, Neal. This geology student has made it his personal mission to make the lives of his coworkers miserable. Calling us monkeys, micromanaging, and forgetting to wash his work shirt after being out in the field makes us all fear being around this uncontrollable tyrant. HE is the one who drives the van, HE is the one who makes the schedule, and it is him, and HIM alone, who forces the rest of us to listen to CBC talk radio. There is no stopping this hard-headed, drunk-with-power leader of the field monkeys. (Sarcasm intended)

Next we have Nathan. This creative writing major is the gentle giant of the group. He likes to entertain us with poetry, stories of a Mennonite hit-man, and podcasts about murder mysteries. His large, lion-like hair and full ginger beard are almost as majestic as the names he comes up with for inanimate objects. He seems like such a quiet, chill guy, yet sometimes one can be surprised about what all comes out of his mouth! In addition to creative writing, Nathan also has a passion for theatre performances that allow him to create a theatrical experience for those he gives tours to. 

Then there is Payam. This science major is the baby of our team and sometimes shows symptoms of such while performing activities that are required for fossil hunting. “It’s so hot out here” and “It’s almost time to go, right?” are frequent phrases uttered by this young whipper-snapper. Payam has also experienced a promotion here at the museum, going from Youth Program Coordinator to Field Technician.  He has found joy in working out in the field and giving tours as opposed to sitting in a classroom doing crafts; I mean, maybe he should check his priorities, but to each their own I suppose.

Finally, we have, yours truly, Jillana. I’m a business student with zero prior knowledge about anything to do with palaeontology. Why the museum decided to hire such an under-achiever I’ll never understand, but I’ll take what I can get! My contribution to this team is mostly in the area of nature; my most famous being navigating those treacherous country roads and teaching about the differences between male and female wood ticks. I like to think that I have saved my coworkers on numerous occasions by helping us get un-lost and calming them down after a traumatic experience with wildlife.

This is all in fun and this is truly a fun team to work with! Each of these people portrays qualities that are vital to our team and help make the CFDC a great place to work. We have enjoyed a lot of fun things together this year and hopefully there will be even more to come in the future! 

Jillana Groening