A Day in the Life of a Field Tech

Field techs; we are the ones who may give you a tour, work the booth at a festival or actually dig up fossils in the field. But what exactly do we do at a typical day at the museum? You're about to find out!

A field tech's day begins right here at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. We start our day at 9 am, and we prep the museum for any visitors that may come that day. This includes cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the glass in the displays cases, and planning any programming for tours if they are booked. After all the cleaning is done, we are given time to work on upcoming projects. Currently, staff is working hard to put together Bruce's Birthday on July 26! This event will include many activities, crafts and snacks, and must be coordinated and ran by the museum staff. There are other projects to work on as well, such as creating new displays, cataloguing in our collection room, or (in my case) updating the latest blog.

Around noon, we will pack up and head out to the field to do some digging! The past few weeks, the field techs have been working on creating a new pathway at one of our dig sites. We are doing this so we can expand the fossil bed, and search for more fossils! To accomplish this, the field techs have been shovelling and pick axing for days. It is definitely a good work out! After this is over, we begin work on uncovering the fossils at the site. This means brushing and picking away in the hot sun for hours at a time. It's hard work, but so rewarding!

Every day is different for a CFDC field tech. One day we may be giving a tour to a family, and the next we could be face painting at a festival. Every day brings something new and exciting and that's why I enjoy my job as a field tech so much.

Paige Ready
Museum Assistant

Field Techs working to make a pathway at the site
Aaron Kilmury, King of the Dirt Pile.